The visit of Kaiquan Pump Group to SIEMENS Motor (China) Co., Ltd


June 11, under the leadership of Sun Weilin and Wei Jiang, Vice presidents of Kaiquan Group, and Qian Jianfen, Director of human resources, leaders from each department and factory went to Yizheng to pay a visit to SIEMENS Motor (China) Co., Ltd.

The General Manager of SIEMENS Motor (China) Co., Ltd Deng Hong, warmly received us. He gave us a detailed introduction about the development history of SIEMENS Motor (China) Co., Ltd and the company profile, and focused our attention on the concept of lean production and advanced management experience. After the introduction, the leaders on both sides carried out a discussion about problems in production and management process.


Accompanied by the staff of the SIEMENS Motor (China) Co., Ltd., the leaders from Kaiquan Pump Group visited SIEMENS’s production workshops, where they were impressed by the U-type construction manufacturing operating environment, the strict division of sidewalk and driveway, fixed storage rigor and SIEMENS’s attention to detail. Whilst visiting the workshops, leaders had a chance to exchange ideason relevant issues and discuss the areas from both companies can learn from one another.


Through this exchange, Kaiquan reached a consensus on efficient management and lean production. The staff from Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Group will continue to innovate and modernize as the company goes from strength to strength.

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