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Petrochemical industry

The pump plays an important role in the injecting water to oil field in oil extraction, long-distance oil transferring, and petrochemical refining equip- ent. The pump is the mostly used one of petrochemical production facilities, which can transfer different kinds of mediums such as raw oil, readymade oi chemical raw material, intermediate products, and end product to the other place. In the oil refining facilities, fluid delivery is mainly available by pump. 250 types and 9 series of industrial pumps made by Shenyang Petrocl Pump Factory are up to GB standard, AP1610, ANSI, ISO standards temperature for delivering medium ranges from -45 to +450 and the ma working pressure is 9MPa. It can be used in different highly-corrosive condi tions, and widely applied for processing and transport of natural gas, oil refin ing, chemical and fiber industries.