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Good news of winning the bid | Kaiquan won the bid of 25 million, and welcomed the resumption of work and the


In March, 2020, the land of Tianfu in Sichuan has blossomed in spring. Chengdu Branch, which has just experienced the COVID-19 outbreak, braved hardships and risks, went retrograde, worked together and finally ushered in the most different "spring".

At the beginning of March, after nearly one year's follow-up, investigation and operation, the procurement and installation project of secondary pressurized water supply equipment in the main urban area of Luzhou City was openly tendered. Because of the tight construction period and heavy tasks of the project, the project department did not stop working during the epidemic, and has been making every effort to complete the project on time, according to quality and quantity. After many rounds of bidding, it was finally confirmed that Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Industry (Group) Co., Ltd won the bid on March 12th. A total of 107 old pump rooms have been reconstructed, and the winning bid amount is about 25 million yuan.


On March 15th, on the premise of communication and confirmation of technical parameters of the owner unit Luzhou Xinglu Water (Group) Co., Ltd., the tenderee (material and equipment purchaser) Luzhou Ruiquan Trading Co., Ltd. and the winning bidder Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. successfully held a contract signing ceremony at the project headquarters. The two sides communicated sincerely in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. Both sides agree that we must cooperate closely, unite and cooperate, go all out, overcome the difficulties together, and ensure the quality and quantity of the project to complete the construction period on time; At the same time, we must ensure that the design of the product fully meets the requirements of the owner, and the supply, installation and construction must ensure safety; Together, we will contribute our strength to the renovation project of tap water households in Luzhou main city. Zhang Leqi, general manager of Luzhou Ruiquan Trading Co., Ltd. also spoke at the meeting: Through many inspections of Shanghai Kaiquan pump industry, he was full of confidence in Kaiquan's strength and the completion of subsequent projects. Shao Yiwei, general manager of Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Industry (Group) Chengdu Branch, also made an enthusiastic statement at the meeting. Kaiquan attached great importance to this project and went all out to complete the supply and construction of the contract on time with good quality and quantity; At the same time, it also introduces how Kaiquan Group can ensure the smooth implementation of the project from the aspects of production, design, reconnaissance and construction organization.

Yang Dafa, project manager of Luzhou Ruiquan Trading Co., Ltd., Wang Jiayi, financial manager, and Liu Donglin, representative of the supervisor; Zhang Yongfu, deputy general manager of Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Industry (Group) Chengdu Branch, Chen Dafu and Wang Yongqiang, heads of Luzhou Office, attended the signing ceremony together.