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Embracing the world, Kaiquan has made new breakthroughs in overseas markets


On July 3, 2019, three 40-foot containers were successfully shipped from the Shanghai headquarters of kaiquan group to ho chi minh port, Vietnam, marking a new major breakthrough in the overseas market of kaiquan group, a leading enterprise in the water pump industry.


According to the group's strategic planning and the spirit of President Lin's instructions, the overseas business department will implement the entrusting partnership system in 2019. Within a few months, a number of powerful foreign partners have signed contracts with kaiquan group. Recently, several powerful agents and kaiquan company have signed large orders. Through the efforts of all the colleagues of overseas business department, we have finally borne rich fruits in this hot summer!

The southern Vietnam general agent sign amount is larger, the total 626 cases, including stamping stainless steel pump, submersible sewage pump and single stage centrifugal pump, the whole order products with specifications, short delivery time, and the characteristics of the high quality requirements, in order to finish this batch of orders, with good quality in the group of companies and six branch, hefei factory and factory in zhejiang province with the support from the leaders and colleagues, all departments to go all out, carefully organize production, especially the frontline colleagues take the initiative to work overtime, careful processing and assembly, attaches great importance to the link of product testing and packing, after a group of companies work closely with each department, The final successful completion of this batch of orders, has been highly praised by customers in Vietnam.


The delivery of this batch of orders is just a good beginning for kaiquan overseas business division in the development of overseas key agents. Kaiquan will keep in mind its mission and strive to create a broader world in the development of overseas pump market.