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Technical exchanges make kaiquan more progressive


Recently, guangxi town water supply industry pump station energy conservation technology transformation technology exchange meeting officially opened, the meeting was presided over by guangxi town water supply and drainage association vice President mai xinfa, association secretary general zheng jiarong made an important speech and energy conservation transformation mobilization. Shanghai kaiquan was invited to participate in the technical exchange, which also strengthened the understanding of kaiquan to the water department.

Wang jian, vice President of kaiquan group, introduced the development status quo and future layout and planning of kaiquan to the water companies at the conference, and especially reiterated the three free services provided by kaiquan group to the water companies.

1. Provide energy-saving renovation solutions for water companies free of charge

Through the research and development of nuclear pumps, kaiquan has accumulated rich experience. In the past three years, it has carried out the upgrading and development of pumps used in water plants. It has successfully developed a dual-suction pump with multi-point design and high efficiency zone width, flow rate from 70% to 120%, high efficiency and low cavitation. In addition, kaiquan can gather 20 expert consultants in the group, 260 water supply expert consultants and 600 cooperative enterprises, and provide professional energy-saving transformation solutions for water supply companies based on its strong resource advantages. 

2. Free Internet + pump room intelligent management cloud platform access 

According to the requirements of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, the second pump house will be gradually implemented under the unified management and unified construction, and the management of the pump house has been a difficult point. In this regard, kaiquan put forward free access to the intelligent cloud platform, and other manufacturers' products can also be accessed through upgrading (the cost is not more than 3,000 yuan/set).

Kaiquan will soon launch smart pump and smart water supply equipment, in addition to the traditional video monitoring and operation data management functions, the system has added the efficient area matching, fault warning, equipment full life cycle management functions.

3. Free of charge for tap water to provide the city's secondary water supply pump room renovation solution

After more than 20 years of experience in design, manufacture, sales, operation and maintenance of water supply equipment, kaiquan owns a variety of water supply equipment such as box type no negative pressure, tank type no negative pressure, digital integrated full frequency conversion, etc., with an annual output of 5000 sets of water supply equipment, and has participated in many urban pump house renovation projects. Here kaiquan provides free technical consultation to the water department in need of the country, conducts free investigation on the status quo of the preliminary pump room, and works with the water department to solve the existing problems and difficulties in the old community pump room.

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