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Technical support engineer
National | technical support engineer | 3-5 years of experience | undergraduate | recruitment of 10 | 2023-08-14
Job responsibilities

1. Provide technical consultation, product selection, quotation and document review;

2. Formulation of technical scheme, product marketing and drawing design;

3. Pre sales technical exchange and sales technical support;

4. Collect market and product development information.

Job requirements

1. Familiar with CAD drawing, PPT, Excel, word and other software;

2. Full time bachelor degree, major in thermal energy and Power Engineering (water machinery), chemical machinery, machinery manufacturing, electromechanical integration, electrical, water supply and drainage, HVAC;

3. 2 years experience in technical support related positions in the pump industry.

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Senior Process Engineer
National | Senior Process Engineer | 5-10 years of experience | undergraduate | recruit 5 people | 2023-08-14
Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for the introduction of new processes and equipment for the company;

2. Responsible for new product process related work on the product line;

3. Evaluate and improve the production process, production technology, and labor quota of existing product lines;

4. Undertake project related work to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs for the group company;

5. Timely handle any abnormal issues that arise during the production process.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in machinery, automation or related fields;

2. At least 10 years of relevant work experience in the same industry;

3. Proficient in mechanical processing and have knowledge of casting.

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Planning Engineer
Shanghai | Planning Engineer | 3-5 years of experience | undergraduate| recruit 3 people | 2023-08-14
Job responsibilities

1. Develop daily production tasks for the assembly workshop based on the production orders from the branch factories under the daily operation center;

2. Ensure consistency between the ERP system and production orders while placing production orders in the assembly workshop;

3. Sort out orders from branch factories every day, and confirm with the technical department whether the branch factories can meet the requirements for non-standard orders;

4. Issue a production plan based on the delivery date of the order to ensure timely completion of the order;

5. Organize a list of materials required for urgent shipments based on the order delivery date every week.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above;

2. At least 3 years of experience in production planning, production management, or ERP;

3. Strong language expression skills and teamwork spirit;

4. Work experience in the automotive and mechanical industries is preferred.

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CFD Engineer
Shanghai | CFD Engineer | unlimited experience | master | recruit 3 people | 2023-08-14
Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for the development of pump hydraulic model according to the arrangement of the group and departments

2. Be responsible for the modeling, calculation and analysis of the pump CFD calculation, follow-up of the product processing and manufacturing process, and follow-up optimization. 

3. According to the research plan of the Hydraulic Research Laboratory, relevant basic research on the complex flow inside the pump was carried out, and papers and patents were written.  

4. Provide necessary technical support and technical training for branches, factories and pre-sales and after-sales.  

5. Complete other work tasks assigned by leaders.

Career promotion: CFD Engineer - director of Hydraulic Research Office

Job requirements

1. Full time master degree or above; Major in fluid mechanics or fluid mechanics;

2. More than three years of hydraulic work experience is preferred, fresh students can also;

3. Master fluid mechanics, fluid machinery and other knowledge;

4. Proficient in using CFD, CFX, fluent and other software for optimization design;

5. Good organization and communication skills, strong new product development ability.

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Electrical Engineer
National | Electrical Engineer | 3-10 years of experience | undergraduate | recruit 20 people | 2023-08-14
Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for the selection of electrical components and the drawing of electrical drawings;

2. Be responsible for commissioning and operation of field equipment;

3. Responsible for technical support of related electrical projects.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in electrical automation, mechanical and electrical integration;

2. Familiar with PLC programming of mainstream brands;

3. Familiar with electrical drawing software;

4. Familiar with WinCC and other configuration software;

5. Obey other tasks arranged by leaders;

6. Have good overall view and execution ability, be able to work under pressure, be able to work overtime and accept travel arrangements.

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