A new journey for “The Belt and Road Initiative”! Inauguration of Kaiquan Russian Branch

Release Time:2023-03-23Views:289

On March 17, 2023, the inauguration ceremony of Kaiquan RussianBranch was successfully held in Moscow Arabit Science and Technology Park, which marked thatthe overseas strategy ofKaiquan Pump Group entered a strong stage of promotion.


At the scene, Mr. Xu Xiaohui,assistant president of the Group, Mr. Jiao Xiaojin,general manager of the RussianBranch and Mr. Andrei,executive director attended the inauguration ceremony and delivered a speech. The leadership team of Kaiquan Russian Branch, the main employees and some invited guest unit representatives witnessed this important moment.


On the occasion of its establishment, Mr. Lin Kaiwen,amember of the CPPCC National Committee and President of the Group, delivered a speech to the guests via video link: Warmly congratulate the establishment of the RussianBranch, and introduce the development history of Kaiquan, corporate strategy, and the significance of overseas markets to the future development of Kaiquan to the guests, thank you for your trust and support of Kaiquan, and sincerely invite them to visit the headquarters of Kaiquan China.


The establishment and operation of Kaiquan RussianBranch was greatly assisted by the Russian Water Supply and Drainage Association, Machinery and Pump Industry Association, design institutes, partners and some Chinese enterprises, and more than 50 representatives from more than 30 guest units attended the appreciation meeting. The guests were full of praise for Kaiquan's overseas strategy, brand value and product quality, and expressed their willingness to cooperate with Kaiquan, believing that Kaiquan's brand will shine in the Russian market, and wished Kaiquan to contribute to  the national strategy of"The Belt and Road Initiative".