International fluid machinery professors and experts visiting Kaiquan for academic exchanges

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On August 9, 2023, Professor Ignazio Maria Viola, Institute of Energy Systems, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh, UK, and Dr. Liu Yabin, British Royal 1851Scholar, were invited to Kaiquan for academic exchange activities, and more than 50 professionals in the field of technology research and development and hydraulic research of the Group attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Prof. Viola presented the topic of "Morphing Blades for Wind and Tidal Turbines", introducing the concept of passiveangle design, passive load fluctuation reduction of flexible blades and the application of bionic technology in fluid machinery, and dynamically displayed his research achievements in bionics "A separated vortex ring underlies the flight of the dandelion".


Dr. Liu Yabin, an independent researcher, introduced the concept and advantages of RANS+LES partition hybrid computing model, new features discovered in the spatiotemporal evolution of blade tip vortex, and several control methods for blade tip vortex, with the theme of "TheSpatiotemporalEvolutionCharacteristicsAndFlowControl ofFluidMachineryBladeTipVortex".


After the report, the technical team of Kaiquan had in-depth exchanges with Professor Viola and researcher Dr. Liu Yabin on the materials of the flexible blade, theangle of the thrust, the analysis software, the selection of mesh scale, the modification design of the blade tip, and the porous treatment scheme.


In June, Professor FRANCESC XAVIER ESCALER PUIGORIOL, director of thePolytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in Spain, and Dr. Huang Xingxing, an expert in the field of hydraulic machinery fault diagnosis, and many other internationally renowned experts and scholars were invited to visit Kaiquan. Among them, Professor XAVIER brings the knowledge of large machinery dynamic characteristics measurement, flow control, blade cavitation improvement and damage warning diagnosis, etc.

During the visit, experts and scholars also visited and inspected the research and development equipment of Kaiquan high-precision multifunctional water pump hydraulic model test bench, large pump open-type test bench, cold and hot impact and performance testing, and conducted in-depth discussions on international and European fluid machinery technology research directions, as well as the problems and challenges faced by Kaiquan pumps, pump system technology, and product development and application.


Promote innovative development through exchanges and mutual learning. The research results and solutions provided by experts and scholars have further broadened the vision and ideas of Kaiquan technicians and benefited a lot.Afterwards, Kaiquan will continue to strengthen the in-depth exchanges with internationally renowned fluid machinery experts and scholars, effectively promote the integration of "industry-university-research and application", constantly improve theCompany's technological innovation ability, professional development ability and market breakthrough ability, and continue to empower the enterprise vision of "ranking among the top tenofpump industry in the world".