Benefiting nearly one million people! Kaiquan double-suction pump helping the west water transfer project of Anyang City for the South to North Water Transfer Project

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In August 2023, Anyang Zhongzhou Water Supply Organization successfully held the water inspection meeting ofthewestwater transfer project of Anyang City for the South to North WaterTransfer Project. TheProject adopted 6 sets of 710KW, 4 sets of 800KW and 4 sets of 1000KW horizontalsplitdouble-suction pump products provided by Kaiquan, and unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance after the on-site inspection and data review by theexpert group.

I. Background of the Project

Anyang City is a famous historical and cultural city and excellent tourist city in the northernmost part of Henan Province, China, and also the birthplace of the spirit of Red Flag Canal. Its western region has important industries such as steel, chemicals and coal gasification,etc, but it also faces a severe shortage of water resources. Located at the eastern foot of the Taihang Mountains, the per capita water resources and the per mu water resources are much lower than the national level. With the development of social economy, the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources has become increasingly aggravated, which has become the main factor restricting the urban construction and economic development in this region.

In order to alleviate this problem, Anyang Municipal Party Committee andMunicipalGovernment decided to implement a basic and long-term major livelihood water conservancy project -thewestwatertransfer project of Anyang City for the South to North WaterTransfer Project. With a total length of 50.8 kilometers and a total investment of 1.595 billionRMByuan, theProject is one of the water conservancy projects with the largest single investment, the highest technical difficulty and the most complex geological environment in Anyang City in recent years.


II. Project difficulty

TheProject requires the introduction of 70 million cubic meters of Danjiang water from the end of Gate 39 of the main trunk canal of the middle line of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, through water pipelines and tunnels,crossing 69 important facilities, such as the main trunk canal of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, Anyang River, Wari Railway, highway, etc., layer by layer up 275 meters through the three-stage pressurized pump station, across the Taihang Mountain. In this process, the stability and reliability of the water pumpare crucial.


To this end, after winning the bid for the Project, Kaiquan immediately set up a special project team to visit the site and communicate. They stationed in the project site, repeated communication and negotiation with customers, through the repeated verification of countless data models and hydraulic models, and finally designed a highly suitable for the project requirements of energy-saving and efficient pump products, and successfully completed a series of work such as installation anddebugging, to ensure the normal trialrun of equipment of the project pump station.

III. Application effect

TheProject will benefit nearly one million people in Linzhou City on the west of Anyang City, Yindu and Long'an districts in the west of Anyang City. Among them, the annual water supply to Linzhou City is 40 million m³, the annual water supply to Yindu District is 20 million m³, and the annual water supply to Longan District is 10 million m³. TheProject will completely change the water shortage dilemma in the western part of Anyang City, improve the quality of life of the people, promote the coordinated development of regional economy and society, and is known as the "RedFlagCanal" in the new era.



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