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When you log on to the Kaiquan website, you are also experiencing the sincere and sincere salute of our Kaiquan people.Time goes by, the world changes. Today, human beings have proudly stood on the hot soil of the 21st century, feeling the hot winds brought by the tide of globalization and informatization. Kaiquan Pump Group is walking against the wind, gathering the minds and sweat of all Kaiquan people, forging their will, striving for progress, making Kaiquan's business prosperous, and has become a leading enterprise in the national pump industry. I have always believed that enterprises and customers are a pair of extremely harmonious symbiosis, and I also highly appreciate the wonderful theory that "enterprises are social instruments". Kaiquan Pump Group adheres to the corporate tenet of "pump industry serving the country and sustainable operation". While paying attention to corporate development, it also pays more attention to improving the level of social participation of the company and the synchronized and coordinated development with the society. "Be sincere, operate with integrity, and manage with humanity" is the foundation of our enterprise. Looking forward to the future, we will use the heroic and self-confidence of Kaiquan people to smash the water, ride the wind and waves, and move forward forever. Through thinking innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, marketing innovation, and service innovation, we will build a beautiful society, customers, enterprises and employees. Meet the grand occasion, Bow every prosperous age, and advance with the times. We Kaiquan people will be committed to the organic combination of "pump, water and people", and strive for the revitalization of the national industry and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Here, I sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to visit Kaiquan Pump Group to visit and guide, join hands to go to the splendid future, and jointly build the great cause!

Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co., Ltd.: Chairman and President Lin Kaiwen
Intro ofCompany

Founded in 1995, Kaiquan Pump Group is a large-scale comprehensive pump company integrating design, production and sales of pumps, water supply equipment and pump control equipment. It has been deeply involved in the Chinese pump industry for many years and is an industry oriented by technological innovation. Well-known enterprises. With total assets of 70 billion yuan, it has 7 enterprises and 5 industrial parks in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hebei, Liaoning, Anhui and other provinces and cities, with a total area of ​​nearly 1,000 mu and a productive building area of ​​350,000 square meters.

The group has more than 6,000 employees, including 1,200 engineers and technicians, mainly composed of well-known domestic experts and professors, doctors and masters, intermediate and senior engineers, and senior technicians, forming an echelon-type talent structure with innovative thinking.

While committed to increasing the added value of customers, Kaiquan uses advanced ERP system and CRM system to control the order process throughout the process, with 7 major business departments, 23 branch companies, more than 500 offices, and more than 200 after-sales service outlets, covering a service network. Across the country, the "Blue Fleet" service and a 4-hour quick response mechanism are implemented to respond to user needs at any time and create industry-leading products with reliable performance.

Facing the future, Kaiquan will continue to take "leading the rise of China's pump industry" as its development strategy, continue to deepen hydraulic research and technological leadership of pumps and water-related systems, and use green technology innovation to bring high-efficiency production models and directly reduce water resources. The cost of utilization drives the energy efficiency upgrade of the industrial system, makes every effort to build a national brand, and enters the top ten in the world's pump industry!

70billion yuan

Total assets of the Group

  • 5

    Industrial Parks

  • 670,000

    Covering Area

  • 6000+people

    All Staff

  • 1200+

    engineering and technical personnel

  • 23

    sales companies

  • 600+

    group offices

parkFive major industrial parks
  • Shanghai Industrial Park

    Science and Innovation Base

  • Zhejiang Industrial Park

    Smart Park

  • Hefei Industrial Park

    Green Factory

  • Shenyang Industrial Park

    Standard Chemical Pump Base

  • Shijiazhuang Industrial Park

    Special Application Casting Center

  • Stipulation of 56 batches of national standards; more than 600 technical patents

    As the headquarters of the Group, the Shanghai Industrial Park is mainly responsible for the production and manufacturing of single-stage pumps, double-suction pumps, multi-pole pumps, nuclear pumps/heavy-duty pumps and other products to meet the supply needs of nuclear power, fire protection, water supply and other fields. In recent years, in order to greatly improve the level of workshop automation, the Park has invested hundreds of millions of RMB yuan to upgrade information, intelligent and digital manufacturing, create a number of automated advanced production lines to ensure accuracy and quality of the products, and has been listed on the "China's Top 100 Machinery Industry" and "Shanghai's Top 100 Enterprises" for many consecutive years.

    As the advanced technology research and development test base of the Group, the Shanghai Industrial Park has gathered a large number of scientific and technological research and development personnel who are willing to study and continue to innovate. They deeply focus on core key technology research and achievement transformation, constantly break through the major issues of water resource utilization and energy efficiency upgrade, and strive to achieve the ultimate energy efficiency application of pumps and pump systems, and have been approved as "Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation" and "Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center" that are strong engine for the innovation and development of the Group.

  • 200+ employees, 100,000 sets of annual output

    As the earliest source of the Group, the Zhejiang Industrial Park has been deeply engaged in the field of single-stage pumps and chemical pumps for many years, creating nearly 700 product specifications to meet the needs of air conditioning, heating, sanitary water, chemical, oil transportation, medicine and many other fields, and has won the honorary title of "National High-tech Enterprise".

    As the first intelligent digital factory of the Group, the Zhejiang Industrial Park takes the lead in transformation and creates a new situation, applying information technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing to open up data islands between systems and realize collaborative intelligent operation of production and marketing. At the same time, the Park also introduced intelligent precision processing equipment from Europe, Japan and other places to establish a number of flexible production lines to improve the quality and efficiency of lean production of products.

  • 1.3 billion/annual sales revenue, covering an area of 270,000 m²

    As a professional manufacturer of electric motors and submersible pumps designated by the former Ministry of Machinery Industry, the Hefei Industrial Park has innovated and made progress, completing the research and development and manufacturing of 1,343 product specifications such as submersible sewage pumps, submersible shaft mixed flow pumps, and high and low voltage submersible motors, meeting the needs of national municipal government and water conservancy fields. The Park has been awarded multiple honorary titles such as "Anhui Enterprise Technology Center" and "Hefei Top 100 High-tech Enterprises", and is one of the few comprehensive equipment manufacturing enterprises in China that can produce both medium and high voltage submersible pumps and submersible motors.

    In addition, the Hefei Industrial Park has been committed to the construction of energy saving enterprise, continuously optimizing production processes and equipment, gradually upgrading to intelligent manufacturing equipment with higher utilization rate, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and obtaining the honorary title of "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise to Emission Reduction". At the same time, the Park has built multiple low-carbon environmental protection facilities, focusing on improving the utilization rate of clean energy and sewage collection and treatment rate, providing a leading example for the digital transformation and sustainable development of the pump industry in China.

  • 20 years of professional deep cultivation, 600 product specifications

    As an important production base of chemical pump of the Group, the Shenyang Industrial Park has been deeply engaged in the production of chemical process pumps and weakly corrosive pumps for nearly 20 years, and has created nearly 600 product specifications, which are used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, smelting, mining, electric power and pharmaceutical. During the period, in order to further strengthen the safety, reliability and corrosion resistance of products, more than 260 advanced production testing sets have been introduced, and large-scale pump test stands and physical and chemical laboratories have been established to fully meet the needs of multiple process inspections from raw material selection to finished products.

    With strong technical strength and rich experience in products and services, the Shenyang Industrial Park has a good reputation in the industry at home and abroad, and successfully won the bid for Xinjiang Daqo New Energy, Hasakstan vulcanization plant, Panjin Haoye Chemicals Co., Ltd., Fujian Baihong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and other major projects at home and abroad, winning the customer's high trust and praise.

  • Large casting of resin sand, precision casting of silica sol

    As a large domestic impurity pump production base, the Shijiazhuang Industrial Park has advanced impurity pump R&D center, 3D intelligent manufacturing center and digital machining workshop, mainly producing slurry pump, desulfurization pump and other products to meet the needs of mining, metallurgy, coal, power plant desulfurization and other fields, has participated in the preparation of slurry pump industry standards, The Park has won many honorary titles such as "High-tech Enterprise" and "Practice Education Base of Lanzhou University of Technology".

    At the same time, in order to meet the needs of medium and large castings in important fields such as aerospace, nuclear power and thermal power, the Shijiazhuang Industrial Park has mastered the large-scale resin sand casting and silica sol precision casting processes. With excellent product quality and performance, the Park has successfully participated in a number of major projects at home and abroad, such as Hebei Construction&Investment Group Co., Ltd., India power plant and Kyrgyzstan power plant, and enjoys a worldwide reputation.