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Where There Is Kaiquan, There Is Water

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When you are surfing in our website, we are honestly to thank you for the interesting to our company. Time flying, World Changing. Now we are all enjoying the new century, globalization, informatization. We Shanghai Kaiquan Pump(Group) Co., Ltd was growing fast to be No.1 pump company in China, which is from great contribution of our whole staffs, we are working hard, we are fighting with impossible mission, we are always keeping the spirit up. I always believe that the customers and our Enterprises are existing harmony phenomenon, and I do appreciate the wisdom words of "Enterprise is a social instrument".

We Shanghai Kaiquan Pump(Group) Co., Ltd follow the principle of "Reward our country by Sustainable Pump Industry", and we are not only doing business, meanwhile, we are also responsible for the society developments and coordination.

We Shanghai Kaiquan Pump(Group) Co., Ltd also follow the principle of "Sincere, honest , humanity", and respect the future. We are rowing hardly in torrent, breaking the difficulties and forwarding with pain with smile and confidence, and to build the wonderful future for elements of the enterprise, in the society by innovation for the logical, management, technology, marketing and service.

This is a great dynasty, we make progress all the time.

We Shanghai Kaiquan, work with nature organic combination of the people, pump, and water, and also work hard to reward our country in the pump industry and to resume our great Chinese Nation.

At the end, we warmly welcome your visit to our headquarter. Let's develop the new world!!!

Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd.:Chairman and President Lin Kaiwen
Group Introduction

Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd. is a large professional pump enterprise, specialised in designing, production and sales of high quality pumps, water supply systems and pump control systems. It is the leading pump manufacturing group in China. The strength of more than4500 staff members, comprising of over 80% of college diploma holders, over 750 engineers, doctors, makes it the best choice for the talent. The group owns an asset of 500 million USD, 7 enterprises and 5 industrial parks in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hebei, Liaoning and Anhui, covering a total area of almost 7,000,000 square meters and manufacturing facilities of over 350,000 square meters.

Shanghai Kaiquan was awarded the following honorable titles: Shanghai Quality Golden Prize, the fourth place in Top 100 Shanghai PVT Enterprise, Shanghai Top 100 Technical Enterprise, Grade AAA China Quality Credit, Grade AAA National Contract Credit, Excellent Enterprise in Quality, Creditability and Services, China’s Most Competitive Commodity Trademark, and Advanced Unit of National Enterprise Cultural Construction. In 2014, Shanghai Kaiquan was selected as Top 500 in mechanical industry for three consecutive years, leading the first place in the pump industry nationwide.

Shanghai Kaiquan ranks the first in amount of sales in the national pump industry for 13 consecutive years, and the group’s sales volume came 330 million USD in 2014, almost double volume of the arch rival which led the second place. With its 300 engineers, Shanghai Kaiquan has combined the services with technology. With the help of ERP and CRM systems, it provides professional solutions to its customers in least time. Moreover, it has established a national service network with 24 sales branch companies and 400 agencies. In addition, it carries out the “Blue Fleet Services” and the 4-hour reaction mechanism, responding to the demands of customers at any time. Shanghai Kaiquan's first priority is always to produce the competitive and reliable products and to satisfy customers.


Total assets

Company Worker

  • 7


  • 5

    Industrial parks

  • 670

    thousand ㎡

  • 7


  • 4500


  • 500


  • 24

    Sales company

  • 400


  • Shanghai industrial park
  • zhejiang industrial park
  • Hefei industrial park
  • Shenyang industrial park
  • Shijiazhuang industrial park

Shanghai industrial park

Shanghai kaiquan pump (group) co., LTD. Is a large-scale comprehensive pump company integrating design, production and sales of pump/water supply equipment/pump control equipment.

Kaiquan products cover construction, municipal, electric power, petroleum, chemical, mining, nuclear power dozens of categories, nearly 100 series.Annual sales of nearly 3 billion yuan, consecutive years ranked first in the national pump industry sales. Kaiquan group has more than 500 engineering and technical personnel, mainly composed of well-known pump experts and professors, doctors and masters, middle and senior engineers, forming a echelon talent structure with innovative thinking.

Kaiquan group attaches great importance to the combination of service and technology, service and business, to achieve value-added services, 300 technical support engineers to provide customers with professional and all-round program support.Use the advanced CRM system, ERP system and e-commerce system to respond to the needs of users quickly, control the whole process from pre-sale, sale to after-sale, implement standardized process management, and provide customers with a full range of professional program support.

Address: No. 4255, Caoan Road. Jiading District , Shanghai.   Tel: +86-4000026600

zhejiang industrial park

Zhejiang industrial park of kaiquan group, located in the east ou industrial park beside the oujiang river of wenzhou, was formerly known as "oubei water pump factory" founded in September 1988, and renamed as "zhejiang kaiquan pump manufacturing company" in May 1994.In July 2002, the company moved to the new industrial park and changed its name to kaiquan group co., LTD.The registered capital of the company is 101.82 million yuan. Zhejiang kaiquan industrial park covers a total area of 48,666 square meters, with a building area of 23,678 square meters. The company has more than 290 employees, 213 sets of main processing and testing equipment, and an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 sets, with an annual output value of 200 million yuan.

Kaiquan group zhejiang industrial park, the main production of single-stage pump, multi-stage pump, submersible sewage pump, chemical pump and other dozens of categories, nearly 100 series, and passed the ISO9OO1 quality management system certification, adhere to the meticulous manufacturing, dedicated service, so that every customer satisfaction.

Address: No.88 Linyi Road, Oubei Town, Yongjia County, Zhejiang province.   Tel:+86-0577-67312835

Hefei industrial park

Hefei kaiquan electric motor pump co., LTD., formerly hefei sanyi electric motor pump co., LTD., is a specialized manufacturer of electric motor and submersible electric pump appointed by the ministry of machinery industry.In 2008, Shanghai kaiquan pump industry (group) co., ltd. purchased it and established hefei kaiquan motor & electric pump co., ltd. and built it into a private high-tech enterprise.

At present, Hefei kaiquan electric motor & pump co., ltd. covers an area of 270,000 square meters, with a productive building area of 230,000 square meters and a total investment of 1 billion yuan. In 2011, the first phase of the expansion project was completed and put into use.At present, the company has more than 800 employees, including 78 engineers, 16 senior engineers and 3 experts with national government subsidies.Hefei production base has advanced design, test and testing equipment for motors and pumps, and its hydraulic experiment station is the largest hydraulic experiment station in Asia.

At present, Hefei kaiquan electric motor pump co., ltd. is the main production base of the group submersible pump. The main products include submersible sewage pump, submersible shaft mixed flow pump, mining submersible pump and submersible pump high and low pressure submersible motor, etc. The products are widely used in municipal, water conservancy, mining and other fields, and are well received by customers at home and abroad.

Address: No.611, Tianshui Road, Xinzhan District, Hefei City,Anhui province.   Tel:+86-0551-65458883

Shenyang industrial park

Shenyang kaiquan petrochemical pump co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary established by Shanghai kaiquan pump group, is located in shenyang economic and technological development zone, covering an area of 33,333 square meters with a plant area of 12,000 square meters.The company now has more than 130 employees, including 3 senior engineers, 20 engineers and 152 professionals.CNC machine tools, large machine tools, high - speed dynamic balancing machine, non - destructive testing, automatic welding equipment more than 200 sets.

The company currently produces 9 series, more than 200 varieties of corrosion resistant industrial pumps.Products are mainly implemented API610, ANSI b73.1m, ISO2858 standards.Product range of parameters: flow of up to 2000 m/h, Yang can reach 600 m, temperature - 55 ~ + 450 ℃, the pump NPSH can reach 0.5 m, inlet pressure can reach 1.5 Mpa.The products are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel, coking, coal, environmental protection, starch, automobile, non-ferrous metals, electric power, nuclear industry, sewage discharge, paper and other industrial fields.

Shenyang kaiquan petrochemical pump co., ltd. has perfect production equipment and testing facilities, and manages and organizes production in strict accordance with the procedures and documents of ISO9001 and API610 international standards, so that the product quality is effectively guaranteed.

Address: No.4, No.26 Road, Shenyang City Economic and Technological Development Zone.   Tel: +86-024-89254169

Shijiazhuang industrial park

Shijiazhuang kaiquan impurities pump co., ltd. was established in 2005, with an investment of 120 million yuan, covers an area of 46,666 square meters, the construction area of about 22,000 square meters.At present, the company has more than 150 water pump experts, middle and senior engineers and technicians and skilled workers.Has the international advanced level resin sand production line, and the advanced continuous sand mixer, the casting all USES the resin sand casting;Two 3-ton and two 1-ton intermediate frequency furnaces can be used for casting single alloy castings of 8 tons;4 meters vertical lathe, 2.5 meters vertical lathe, universal boring machine, radial drilling machine, CNC lathe and other equipment more than 300.

Shijiazhuang kaiquan impurity pump co., LTD is the group's impurity pump professional production base, its products cover five series, for mining, metallurgy, coal, power plant desulfurization, river dredging, alumina, coal chemical industry and other materials containing solid particles transport, fully meet the market demand.

Address: No.5 East Street, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province.   Tel:+86-0311-85175684


Three professional research institutes were established


Monthly sales exceeded 500 million yuan, and annual sales exceeded 4.2 billion yuan

Lanzhou Technology Center and Zhenjiang Technology Center were established


Shortlisted in the Top 100 Machinery Industry


Awarded "Credible" enterprise

Get five-star service certification

Get China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award


Kaiquan started the transformation of Industry 4.0

"Temper together through thick and thin," the twentieth anniversary Riviera

Kaiquan's single-month signing amount exceeds 400 million yuan


Kaiquan's AP1000/CAP1400 nuclear power unit chemical capacity make-up pump, ACP1000 nuclear power unit equipment cooling water pump and waste heat discharge pump successfully passed the appraisal of the national authority


The prototype of the group's CAP1400/ACP1000 nuclear power conventional island main feed water pump and circulating water pump pump unit successfully passed the expert appraisal

A heavy-duty workshop with an investment of 150 million was built and put into use


Kaiquan Group obtained the "Civilian Nuclear Safety Machinery and Equipment Design/Manufacturing License" for nuclear secondary and tertiary pumps;

The AP1000 waste heat removal pump prototype of Kaiquan Group successfully passed the appraisal;

The group's new product prototypes of 1000MW nuclear power unit and thermal power unit successfully passed the appraisal


Kaiquan Group successfully passed the "Huangdao National Petroleum Reserve Underground Water Seal Cavern Submerged Oil Pump" design review


Started research and development of nuclear power secondary and tertiary pumps for million-kilowatt units, three main pumps for conventional islands and three million-kilowatt main pumps for thermal power; nuclear secondary pump thermal shock test benches passed the appraisal; investment of 10 million yuan to build a mechanical research laboratory and Mechanics test bench; invest 150 million to build high-precision closed test bench and large pump test bench


Started to develop nuclear power conventional island pumps


Kaiquan spent huge sums of money to purchase advanced processing equipment such as a five-axis linkage machining center and an 8-meter CNC vertical lathe, which greatly improved its product processing capabilities

Shijiazhuang Kaiquan Impurity Pump Co., Ltd. was established, and a new factory covering an area of 70 acres was put into use

Kaiquan Group acquired Hefei Sanyi and will build a production base covering 400 acres in Hefei

The research and development of secondary and tertiary pumps for nuclear power and conventional island pumps began, and applications for nuclear secondary safety production licenses were filed.





凯泉与ANSYS Inc签订软件购买协议,引入世界上最先进的水力设计与流体仿真软件











凯泉对生产系统组织结构进行了全面整合,成立了10个专业分厂, 凯泉开始向专业化程度更高的工矿领域挺进



















借鉴国外先进技术,研发新一代KQSN型单级双吸泵,替代国外进口产品,并开发出 ns=30的超低比转速高效双吸泵,填补国际、国内空白


  • Customer values
    Reliable products, personalized function satisfaction, systematic, professional and timely quality service, and the lowest life cycle cost
  • Mission
    Leading the rise of China's pump industry
  • Vision
    Become a well-known enterprise in the world pump industry
  • Strategic direction
    Become a world-class comprehensive pump company
  • Strategic goals
    Become one of the top ten pumps in the world
  • Enterprise idea
    Create a better future
  • Corporate purpose
    Pump industry serves the country and operates continuously
  • Enterprise values
    Customer satisfaction, increase market share, pursue reasonable profits of enterprises and safeguard the overall interests of employees
  • Characteristics of Kaiquan
    Talent, morality, ability, and spelling have both
  • Spirit of Kaiquan
    Unity, cooperation, dedication and innovation
  • Quality policy
    Careful manufacturing, dedicated service, the pursuit of first-class quality
  • Enterprise service standards
    Think for the customer and satisfy the customer