10 meters in diameter! Kaiquan extra large-scale intelligent integrated precast pump station helping the stable operation of Longgong Harbor drainage system

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TheJiningGanghang LonggongHarbor isaChinese first-class "smart and green" inland containerharbor,as well as a thefirst inlandharbor of China that regularly operates unmanned intelligent transportation, handling more than 20 million tons of cargo annually. In order to cope with the drainage problems in flood season, Kaiquan adopted the innovative scheme of integrated prefabricated pump station to design and build aultra-large integrated rainwater pump station project with a diameter of 10 meters.

The core component of theProject is a glass steel cylinder with diameterof10-meteranddepth of 9.05 meters, which can accommodate fourlarge-power submersible axial flow pumps. As the core component of the whole pump station, the glass steel cylinder not only improves the water storage capacity and flow capacity of theharbor area, but also ensures the operational stability of the entire pump station. In addition, the pump station has the capacity to cope with the largest rainfallwithin 50 years, providing a strong guarantee for the safe operation of theHarbor.

At the initial stage of the scheme design, Kaiquan technical team carried out site investigation and scheme optimization for many times, combined with CFD hydraulic model analysis and CAE cylinder strength calculation, rationally arranged the pump position and guide plate,whichsolved the problems such as uneven water flow and vortex inside the pump station,etc and ensured the optimal use of the pump head and operation stability. At the same time, the foundation and lifting requirements of theon-site construction stage are strictly checked andverified to ensure the safety and applicability of the pump station.


Compared with the traditional concrete structure pump station, Kaiquan integrated rainwater pump station has obvious advantages:

1. The land area is smaller, which improves the land utilization rate of theharbor area;

2. The construction period is shorter and the construction period is shortened;

3. The project budget is lower and the cost is saved.

Proficient in Conveying Water,Beneficial to All Things!As one of the leading pump manufacturers and service providers in China, Kaiquan has always been committed to providing customers with efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and intelligent pump products and solutions. In the next step, Kaiquan will continue to maintain a good cooperative relationship with LonggongHarbor and contribute more to the construction and development of theHarbor.