International cavitation expert FAHAT visiting Kaiquan to conduct academic exchanges on research and testing of cavitation in hydraulic machines

Release Time:2023-09-01Views:308

On August 18, 2023, Professor Mohamed Farhat fromSwissFederal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, was invited to visit Kaiquan, conducted in-depth academic exchanges with Kaiquan technology research and development, hydraulic research professionals, and made a wonderful academic report. It was called“What do we know about Cavitation in Hydraulic Machines”.




Farhat shared a series of cutting-edge experiments on cavitation phenomena carried out on the high-speed cavitation water tunnel test bench atSwissFederal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, covering the research content of cavitation initiation, tip vortex cavitation, leading edge cavitation, cavitation erosion,fluid solid coupling, hydrodynamic performance and flow control of fixed and oscillating hydrofoils at different velocities of flow, angles of attack and pressures. The study on the physical mechanism of cavitation collapse with the help of pulsed laser and the research results of cavitation of underwater liftwings of sailing boats were also presented, and several animated videos of cavitation performance under high-speed photography were shared.


After the report, the Kaquan technical team and Professor Farhat conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the influence of solid wall roughness on cavitation, blade tip clearance scale, and the relationship between turbulence and cavitation phenomena, etc.

In addition, Professor Farhat also visited Kaiquan's high-precision multi-function test bench and large pump test bench, and gave them high recognition. At the same time, he also had in-depth communication with the test bench personnel on the functions and operation of the high-precision test bench, and put forward some valuable suggestions, which benefited the test bench personnel and hydraulicR&D personnel.


Afterwards, Kaiquan will continue to explore the mechanism of cavitation and experimental research to improve the cavitation performance of products. At the same time, it will continue to actively carry out academic exchanges with internationally renowned experts and scholars, help R&D personnel grasp the development trend of cutting-edge technology of hydraulic machinery, broaden international horizons and patterns, improve scientific research capabilities and levels, and promote technological innovation and personnel training.